The Diagnostic Diamond

MasterPath Course 1

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Daily Schedule

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Registration and Breakfast

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Lecture & Hands-on Training

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Lunch

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Course Description

The Diagnostic Diamond

During this course, you will be introduced to the “Diagnostic Diamond” – a formulized system to integrate patient data in a clear and organized manner leading to a risked-based sequential treatment plan.  The hands-on portion of the course will take dentists through the steps to take accurate esthetically derived facebow records, the indications for and delivery of deprogrammers, centric relations records, equilibration, and occlusal guards.  After this course, dentists will be able to better understand the comprehensive diagnostic process and formulate predictable and affordable treatment plans for their patients with options, and the risks and benefits of each.  This is a practical course geared for general dentists looking to take their dentistry to “the next level” in patient care, with foresight, compassion, ethics and integrity.


  • Understand the power of mastering a comprehensive diagnosis
  • Learn how to take an accurate CR record and know when to it’s indicated
  • Learn when to restore VDO and when to leave it alone!
  • Be able to plan like a prosthodontist but execute within your comfort zoneLearn how synthesize restorative dentistry into a meaningful, risk-based treatment plan
  • Learn how dental critical thinking is fun, profitable and filled with possibilities
  • Learn how to phase the most complex treatment with a simplified approach
  • Topics

    • Data gathering and metrics – legal protection against an Internet savvy world
    • The ultimate and efficient cancer-screening exam
    • Radiographic interpretation in the digital word
    • Clinical Photography – keeping it super simple
    • Current Periodontal diagnoses – they’ve changed
    • Current Endodontic diagnoses – they’ve really changed!
    • Caries management – non-surgical and surgical
    • New diagnostic modalities – technological advances
    • Understanding structural compromise
    • Formulating the elusive functional diagnosis
    • Esthetic Facebow records that really mean something
    • Easy and repeatable CR records – we can all do this
    • When will MIP work and when it will not?
    • Design in esthetic dentistry – it’s much more than just teeth
    • Esthetic risk factors – staying out of trouble
    • Treating the gummy smile – multidisciplinary approaches
    • Sequential treatment planning – what to always do first to avoid unhappy patients
    • The Prognostic matrix – with treatment and without – let the patient know the difference
    • Restoring VDO – it all begins with one simple truth
    • Equilibration – it’s narrow indications and it’s simple implementation
    • Deprogrammers – they work when you understand them
    • Treating the Emergency Patient – triage, reassurance and practice building
    • Occlusal Guards – let’s keep it simple

Course Fee Includes

  • Handpieces (loaned during course)
  • Hand Instrument Cassette (loaned during course)
  • Continental Breakfasts, snacks and beverages all-day
  • Fresh Delicious Lunches

Course Fee Does NOT Include

  • Webinar Recordings
  • Post-course consultations
  • Loupes
  • Dinner
  • Lodging