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CAAPID Application

Application Coach

We offer customized assistance with one of our CAAPID application coaches.  Alongside with Dr. Stevenson, a carefully selected coach will work closely with you to navigate the complicated and confusing advanced standing dental school application process.

The most important aspect of our service is to carefully evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in order to devise a customized strategy for the entire application process during one cycle.  The package includes:

  • Personal Statement (SOP) construction
  • Resumé (CV) revision and editing
  • Letters of Recommendation review and suggestions
  • Up to 10 questions edited, either CAAPID or School Supplementals or both

We are here to help you express your authentic and truthful self in the best manner possible, however, you always have the responsibility of completing the final edits and taking responsibility for the information you submit.


  • Answer some simple questions
  • Within 12 hours, we provide you with an initial quote ranging between $2,500 and $3,000 and the expected turnaround time depending on your portfolio
  • Upon receipt of payment, a Dropbox folder will be setup with a questionnaire, and CV templates to be populated
  • Answer the questionnaire, reformat your CV (if you see fit) and upload all pertinent CAAPID documents including SOP, CV and LORs, in MS Word format
  • Upon completion of our questionnaire, an up to 1-hour online interview session will be conducted to discuss our findings and devise a strategy aimed at representing your true accomplishments and the message you wish to send to the admissions committee.  Additional fees might be assessed depending on the amount of work you need us to complete
  • Receive one draft of CV within the first week upon payment
  • Receive edited LORs within 1-week upon upload to Dropbox folder
  • Receive our one draft of SOP in 2-4 weeks after the online session
  • Provide us with your feedback on the drafts
  • We deliver our FINAL fully edited versions
  • Submit to CAAPID
  • Provide us with your supplemental/CAAPID questions (up to 10)


Please email the following to

  • Personal Statement
  • Photo (the one you plan to submit to school’s asking for it)
  • Resumé or Curriculum Vitae
  • Nationality
  • School attended and graduation date
  • GPA (ECE or WES)
  • TOFEL (with scores in reading, listening, speaking and writing respectively)
  • Which CAAPID cycle are you in? If not the first, how did you do in the previous cycle?