Stevenson Dental Solutions provides on-site or online bench preparation courses to help internationally educated dental graduates or dentists who wish to reach their goal of being a licensed DDS/DMD in the United States or Canada by attending the advanced standing programs.  Our institute is conveniently located in San Dimas, California and utilizes modern equipment and state of the art digital image and video instructional methods.  Dr. Stevenson limits the class size to twelve and is personally engaged in every student’s journey, providing customized mentoring based on the student’s current level, learning styles, special needs and long-term objectives.  Dr. Richard Stevenson has earned the respect of thousands of students over his 31 years as an educator and master clinical, having received over 20 teaching awards in eluding the ADA’s prestigious Golden Apple Teaching Award at both the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral levels.  His preparation designs have been duplicated by several schools internationally as well as his Clinical Technique Guides, and his special calibrations instruments: the RGS 1-2 and RGS 3-4.

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“Success is a Journey, not a Destination”