One of the most useful periodontal instruments you will ever find here at Stevenson Dental Solutions is our combination scaler and curette, or scurettes for short. These combination tools allow for a quick change in action while working on a patient without having to stop what you’re doing and switching instruments. We also carry the ModuPRO One Periodontal Refills with Calculus. This model is essential for practicing the licensure periodontal portion of the CDCA/ADEX examination. Whichever of these periodontal instruments you purchase, you can be sure it carries the Stevenson seal of approval.

  • Anterior Scurette

    Anterior Scurette

  • Posterior Scurette

    Posterior Scurette

  • Universal Currette

    Universal Currette

  • ModuPRO ONE PERIODONTAL Refill with Calculus

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