Off-Angle Chisel – Distal – 44s REFURBISHED LIKE NEW


Off-Angle Chisel – Distal
Hartzell by DenMAt

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Have you ever noticed that you can’t always fit your enamel hatchet into a proximal box with the correct angle to smooth the wall in question?  That’s exactly what Dr. José Medina thought over 50 years ago when he developed these instruments which were designed specifically for Dr. Stevenson by Hartzell.  Think of an enamel hatchet with the blade turned 45 degrees and you can imagine the benefits of this hard to find instrument.  It is useful to smooth the axial wall of class II amalgam preparations and is nearly flawless in its ability to smooth the proximal flares of class II inlay and onlay boxes.  It is only 1.0 mm in width and is narrow enough to fit easily into hard to reach boxes on all surfaces.  The 44s Off-Angle Chisel is used for the distal box and may be used in a pulling motion to smooth pulpal walls.  Shipped in a factory-sealed protective case.

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