SDS 2020 Bench Bur Set (20 Burs)


This NEW set designed by Dr. Stevenson for the 2020 bench exams and manufactured by Brasseler USA has it all! The Advanced-Standing-Bench-Test-Must-Have includes 20 burs in total for any preparation required during the BENCH EXAM: FGC, PFM, All-Ceramic Crown, Gold Onlay, Ceramic Onlay and preparation and restoration for both Class II Amalgam and Class II Composite.  The diamonds are paired with a medium-grit to provide you with efficient cutting and a fine grit to smooth the tooth surfaces.

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The kit includes one of each of the following:

847KR-016 Shoulder Development 329-006 Small Convergent Prep
8847KR-016 Shoulder Refinement 330-008 Medium Convergent Prep
878K-012 Axial Wall Taper 245-008 Proximal Box Prep
859-010 Interproximal Slice 330-RGS Convergent Prep Refinement
856-016 Heavy Chamfer Development 55-008 Small Wall Refinement
8856-016 Heavy Chamfer Refinement 57-010 Medium Wall Refinement
877-010 Modified Chamfer Development 169L-009 Long Wall Refinement
8877-010 Modified Chamfer refinement 837-012 Occlusal Reduction
KS-0 Rounded Shoulder Development 379-014 Lingual Fossa Development
KS-0F Rounded Shoulder Refinement 7404-014 Lingual Fossa Refinement