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  • Designed by Dr. Stevenson this dental bur kit includes 20 burs for FGC, PFM, All-Ceramic Crown, Ceramic Onlay, and Class II Amalgam/Composite preparations.

    Stevenson Dental Bench Bur Block + Burs

    $170.00 Sale!
  • The BEST All-Ceramic Crown dental diamond bur duo with the optional dental diamond bur cleaning stone purchase option. Buy in bulk and save big!

    KS-0 & KS-0F Brasseler Dental Diamond Bur Saving Pack

    $124.99 Sale!
  • Stevenson Dental Bench Bur Block Refill Set – a GREAT VALUE!

    $179.99 Sale!
  • Secret weapon for dental students, invented by Dr. Stevenson (RGS), to ace their dental practical exams on amalgam and composite preps. Buy in bulk, saving big.

    Brasseler Dental Carbide Bur RGS330 5-Pack

    $20.99 Sale!