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  • Dental composite instrument for placing dental composites and shaping the dental 
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    Brasseler Dental Composite Acorn Condenser/K3 Shaper

  • Dental composite instrument for placing dental posterior class II composites into boxes. Titanium Nitride coated with the ergonomically #6 handle.

    Brasseler Dental Composite Plugger/Condenser

  • Universal dental composite instrument for bulk dental composite placement and adaptation in all classes of cavities. Titanium Nitride coated with #6 handle.

    Brasseler Dental Composite Paddle/Condenser

  • Dental composite instrument for shaping embrasures in class II, III, and IV and developing contours in class V restorations. Titanium Nitride coat
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    Brasseler Dental Composite Interproximal Carver