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Stevenson Dental Solutions does it all in dentistry. We teach dental continuing education courses, sell dental supplies, and treat patients under the direction of Dr. Richard Stevenson. All dental CE courses are ADA CERP approved and focus on hands-on training and skills development. As a dental supply house, the dental supplies we carry are the best the industry offers. Our private practice caters to patients with severe dental conditions who require dental implants, esthetic dentistry, or conservative cast and direct gold restorations.

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Meet Dr. Stevenson


Dr. Stevenson is a general dentist specializing in occlusion, esthetics, and gold restorations. He is widely regarded as the dentist’s dentist. Dr. Stevenson is the inventor of several dental instruments which benefit dental students and practitioners in their quest for excellence. Dr. Stevenson is also a talented and inspiring dental educator who mentors and teaches dentists worldwide through study clubs, publications, lectures, CE courses, and YouTube.

As a result of his passion for providing excellent oral health care to the masses, he founded Stevenson Dental Foundation(SDF) to address oral health disparities. SDF’s approach comprises three programs: community outreach, dental career education, and research on improving oral health delivery.

What People Say About Dr. Stevenson

More testimonials, and reviews from Facebook.

This may be one of the most important reviews that you ever read. Without exaggeration, I truly believe that Dr. Richard Stevenson is the best dentist in the world… the greatest dentist of all time! Dr. Stevenson was the long-time, beloved and wildly popular Chair of the Division of Restorative Dentistry at the UCLA School of Dentistry. His work is beyond amazing, awesome and “wow-worthy”. Prosthodontists and high-positioned dentist professors devote a day each month to learn from Dr. Stevenson. Dentists travel from all around the world to learn at Dr. Stevenson’s dental teaching institute. My father received fantastic, gorgeous restorative dental care from Dr. Stevenson, and I’m so grateful for that. I have never seen anyone more passionate and dedicated to excellence in dentistry and patient care than Dr. Stevenson. Dr. Stevenson’s dental skills, knowledge, discernment and experience are unparalleled. In every profession, there is a rare talent that stands out from everyone else like Michelangleo and Michael Jordan. In the field of dentistry, Dr. Stevenson is that rare, once-in-lifetime, truly great doctor. I had the privilege of witnessing first-hand Dr. Stevenson’s world-class caliber dentistry when I sat in on Dr. Stevenson’s “Senior Select” seminars, at his monthly study club meetings for dentists and at his dental teaching institute. All of the students and participating and visiting dentists would be astonished by the amazing dental excellence that Dr. Stevenson would demonstrate on live patients. Dr. Stevenson is the dentist of choice when dentists need restorative work for themselves. You can get an idea of Dr. Stevenson’s work by visiting “Stevenson Dental Solutions” YouTube channel that is intended to be a resource of instructional videos for dentists. Dr. Stevenson is not only the most skilled and talented dentist, but he is also a great human being who deeply and genuinely cares about the welfare of his clients, students and staff/team members. Dr. Stevenson is passionate about conservative dentistry (but not too conservative) and he practices and teaches preventive dentistry and thoughtful, insightful and evidence-based treatment planning. I know that this review sounds like it’s filled with hyperbole, but it’s actually true. Dr. Stevenson really is that amazing.

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