Restorative Dentistry Certificate of Competency

Competency Certificate Overview

The CAAPID application is stressful, frustrating, and consuming.  We want you to successfully obtain admission into a US Dental School on your first (or next) cycle.  To do this, you must build a great profile on CAAPID.  You need to stand apart from the rest and finding ways to improve your profile are difficult. Opportunities may not exist in your local area (like dental assisting, research, and formal University programs).

We have an impactful solution to this dilemma: the Stevenson Dental Bench Competency Certificate Program.  During our 7-day or 10-day courses and our 30-day long preceptorship, we will keep a score of your progress with numerical grades, both with hands-on practicals and didactic quizzes.  Earning at least a 3.0 (practical exams) and 75% (Didactic quizzes and exams) during the course will grant you a Competency Certificate from Dr. Richard Stevenson, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Dentistry.  You may proudly list this accomplishment in the CE and Awards Sections of your CAAPID application.  More and more schools are already seeing the benefit of Stevenson Dental Education Graduates and are referring students to us for training.  As many schools are going to virtual interviews, the strength of your CAAPID profile has never been more important.  Starting in 2023, numerous schools will ask you to take a hands-on course before applying – why wait until you receive an invitation? Register now!  Prepare in advance. Improve your profile. Become one of the few who attain a Certificate of Competency from Stevenson Dental Education!

The Certificate of Competency certifies both your hands-on skills and didactic knowledge levels:

  • During the course, we will grade and record your hands-on skills level anonymously on every mock exam using a 0-5 scale
  • Daily MCQ quizzes and a written final exam will be given to assess didactic knowledge
  • Average course grade (or a final exam grade) of 3.0/5.0 on hands-on and a 75% on written exams will earn a Competency Certification Award
  • The award is signed by Dr. Stevenson, deeming that you achieved the level of Competency in Restorative Dentistry during the course
  • Not all course participants will achieve an award of competency
  • Those who do not earn the award will have additional chances to prove competency after further practice

It’s a legitimate award worthy of inclusion in the  Awards and Certificates Sections of your CAAPID application.