Typodont models & accessories provide one of the most manipulatable and direct visual experiences possible when it comes to dental training. These models are biologically accurate and provide a safe and reliable method of training and visualizing procedures done in the field. With our typodont models and accessories collection, you will also find all manner of other products that assist in providing a clearer training or learning process for upcoming practitioners. These accessories include items like our various mounting systems for lifelike practice, cleaning solutions, exam kits, and various other components that all complement these models and the training that comes with them.

  • Dental typodont cleaner is a must-have for dental exams on typodonts to remove plastic tooth debris, stains, or pencil marks to make your preps spotless.

    Stevenson Dental Typodont Preparation Cleaner – Secret Sauce

  • Dental Typodont – Acadental – 32 Teeth – ModuPRO One

  • Dental Typodont Magic Eraser

  • Dental Typodont – Kilgore 32 teeth – Soft Tissue – Authentic

  • Oral Cavity Cover – Cheeks – Kilgore

  • Dental Typodont – Columbia 860 – 32 Teeth – Authentic

  • Acadental Dental Typodont ModuPRO One Refill Kit

  • Acadental ADEX Exam Complete Kit V 3.0

    From: $585.00 Sale!
  • Dental Typodont Preparation Cleaning Trio

    $12.00 Sale!
  • Dental Typodont Mounting System – Compact Bench Mounting Unit

  • ModuPRO Endo/Pros Kit

    Acadental ModuPRO Endo/Pros Practice Kit

  • Dental Typodont – Kilgore 32 teeth – Hard Tissue – Authentic

  • Dental Bench Mount – Works with ALL Typodonts! Acadental

    $273.00 Sale!
  • Dental Universal Phillips Typodont Screwdriver

  • Acadental ModuPRO Pros Dental Typodont 28-teeth

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