ADEX WREB BENCH exam prep evaluation Dr. Stevenson

Many of our course graduates wish to have their work evaluated after the course – after all, it has been said that “Perfect Practice makes Perfect”, not “Practice makes Perfect”.  Repeating the same mistake over and over will only reinforce poor results.  It’s best to perform a few preps, receive meaningful feedback, tips, and the necessary corrections, before further practice. Our prep evaluation service is easier than ever! Have your prep evaluated by none other but Dr. Stevenson.

  • $50 – SDS’s alumni/$85 –  for others
  • Send the following images to
    • Occlusal of a class II amalgam (1 image is usually enough)
    • Occlusal, facial (in occlusion), lingual and side views of any crown preparation (3-4 images is usually enough)
Dental School Interview Mock Coaching Admission Stevenson

So you’ve finally made it to the all-important interview and you are excited, grateful, and nervous all at the same time!  What do you wear?  Should you smile?  Should you be serious?  What will they ask you? What will you ask THEM?!  Are there trick questions they’ll ask to try to test your veracity?  What are they looking for?  Do you know how to answer any type of question authentically? They will want details of the experiences you’ve had to support your answers – are you ready to describe situations and experiences you’ve had that make you an ideal candidate?

FEAR NOT!  We have extensive experience with interviewing applicants to dental schools, advanced standing programs, residencies, and advanced clinical training programs.  This is not a job interview, rather a character assessment and professional aptitude evaluation.  Be ready. Put your best foot forward and make them want you!

The Mock Interview Service at SDS will place you in a realistic situation and will give you feedback and advice based on many years of interviewing experience.  For a price of $750, Dr. Stevenson will ask about 50 questions during the first hour of the 105-min session then concludes with an honest, in-depth assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.  We conduct the Mock Interview ONLY online. Schedule a Mock Interview.

Dental Simulation Practice Rental Stevenson Bench Exam ADEX WREB

For $375 a day, you can practice at our lab

  • Compressor
  • Mounting Pole
  • 4-hole system Air Driven Handpieces**
  • Instruments**

Click here to Schedule Sim Lab Practice.
**A $500 refundable security deposit is required to loan Handpieces and Instruments

Mentor Dental Tutoring Bench Exam ADEX WREB Stevenson

BLACK BELT TUTOR $600/hour with a 4-hour minimum
Currently, the only black belt tutor is Dr. Stevenson, and he will spend one-on-one time with you focusing on your weak areas and demonstrating successful techniques that you can practice and implement.  He will evaluate your past work using State Board grading criteria and use sketches and diagrams to explain concepts and approaches.  His tutoring reputation is phenomenal and when you spend an hour or two with him, you’ll understand why he is our black belt tutor.

GREEN BELT TUTOR $300/hour with a 4-hour minimum
We have two green belt tutors available at this time, and they are both highly competent educators,  and have been teaching and tutoring students for 5 or more years to successfully pass bench and state board exams.

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