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International Dentist Preceptorship

Program Information

Length of program: 1-3 months
Weekly Schedule: Monday through Saturday, 7 am – 5 pm (9 pm during initial 7 days)
Number of positions: 2 per month
Program Director: Richard G. Stevenson III, DDS, FAGD, FACD, ABOD

The International Dentist Preceptorship is an intensive 1-3 month program designed to provide internationally-trained dentists with meta-clinical training in restorative dentistry. Excellence in dentistry is at the core of our teaching values and commitment to your training.

Our program provides acceptable candidates with a highly structured and intense curriculum in general dentistry featuring numerous manikin-based typodont exercises, chairside observation and assisting, and detailed training in the following areas: CAD/CAM dentistry, including scanning, design, milling, and finishing ceramic restorations; 3D printing of appliances, provisionals and guides; digital photography; ideal preparation design; rubber dam application; local anesthesia techniques; occlusal analysis, face bow mounting, articulator use; digital smile design; advanced diagnosis and treatment planning, and a possible poster presentation which may be given at a major dental meeting. The mission of the program is to provide International Dentists with an enhanced profile with increased competitive stature for admission into formal 2-year DDS/DMD Program.

The Preceptorship starts with a 7-day intensive training program focusing on ideal typodont preparations and restorations including: Class II Amalgam, Class II/III/IV Composites, FGC, PFM and All-Ceramic preparations including ceramic inlay/onlays. After completion of the initial indoctrination, the Preceptor will learn rubber dam application, provisional fabrication, digital photography, computer aided design and manufacturing dentistry, articulator use and occlusion concepts, 3-D printing, and a variety of Clinical Procedures (including implant and esthetic dentistry) while observing and assisting Dr. Stevenson during live patient care. Each Preceptor will be given 24/7 access to the teaching center and lab for practice and for completing projects.

The minimum commitment is 1-month; however, the program may be extended to 2 or 3 months to deepen your skill set and complete a research project or poster presentation. Successful candidates will receive a graduation certificate from Stevenson Dental Solutions and will also receive CE Credit hours for all ADA/CERP approved courses taken during the 30–90-day program. Note – participation in all CE courses that occur during your enrollment is included in the program. All Preceptors will receive a written letter or evaluation and possible recommendation letter depending on performance.
Tuition: $ 8,925 for 30 days || $ 13,350 for 60 days || $ 17,775 for 90 days


Application Process
Interested international dentists will submit the following for consideration into the program.  Not all applicants can be accommodated, so please complete the following to the best of your ability and submit to: Subject: Preceptorship.

  1. Cover letter introducing yourself and why you wish to enter the program
  2. Current Curriculum Vitae
  3. Letter of Recommendation from an employer or educator
  4. On-line interview (will be scheduled after reviewing the above)