• Dental Universal Single Dose Composite Compules Evanesce A1

    $7.50 Sale!
  • Dental composite Finishing and Polishing interproximal strip set - 4 finishing and polishing strips, 2 coarse and 2 fine

    Dental Interproximal Finishing and Polishing Strip Set

  • Dental Mylar Strip Set

  • Dental Nanofill Composite - one capsule A1 shade for Enamel 3M Filtek Supreme Ultra. For typodont practice teeth only.

    Dental Composite Capsule Highest Quality A1E

  • Dental Composite Bonding Agent OptiBond Light-Cure Unidose

  • Dental Flowable Composite A1

    $15.00 Sale!
  • Dental Sectional Matrix System G2

    Dental Sectional Matrix System G2 – VALUE

    $40.00 Sale!
  • Dental Universal Microhybrid Composite - one capsule (0.25g) Shade B1 All-purpose Body BISCO Aelite Fill. For typodont plractice teeth only.

    Composite Capsule – VALUE – All-Purpose Body – Shade A1

    $3.99 Sale!
  • Composite NiTin™ Sectional Matrix Kit by Garrison

    $485.00 Sale!
  • Micro brushes to apply dental composite bonding and desensitizing agents. A 50-count pack is adequate for practice and preparation for ADEX restorative portion.

    Dental Composite Bonding Microbrushes 45-Pack

    $9.50 Sale!
  • Rainbow Well

    $9.99 Sale!
  • Dental Composite Light Cure Unit - for curing all types if light activated resins - VALUE

    Cordless LED 1 SEC Curing Light

  • Dental Composite Bonding Resin Well (2 wells)