When It Comes to Dental Continuing Education if You Are

  • a foreign-trained dentist and wants to practice in the US
  • in need to pass a dental board licensure exam
  • facing challenges while treating patients
  • wanting to up your game

We offer hands-on CE courses for dentists (see below), on-demand dental education videos, and ad hoc online hands-on courses designed to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical. Financing programs are available.  To reach us: phone 310-868-1838, text 909-788-4087, or email info@stevensondentalsolutions.com 

Prep Design CE Dental Hands-on Restorative Mentoring Courses

3-7 Days in Length Covering:

  • Class II/III/IV Preparations and Restorations
  • FGC Preparations
  • ACC/ONLAY Preparations
  • Fixed Dental Prostheses (Bridges)
  • Provisional Restorations
  • Waxing and Wax Block Carving
  • Endo
  • RPD Design
  • Diagnosis & Treatment Planning, Case Evaluations



2025 Bench Course Schedule

  • January 13-19, 7-Day Dental Bench Course
  • March 3-9, 7-Day Dental Bench Course
  • May 5-11, 7-Day Dental Bench Course
  • June, 3-Day Colorado University Bench Intensive Course (TBA)
  • July 7-13, 7-Day Dental Bench Course
  • July, 3-Day Washington University Bench Intensive (TBA)
  • August, 3-Day Loma Linda University Bench Intensive – 1 (TBA)
  • August, 3-Day Loma Linda University Bench Intensive – 2 (TBA)
  • September 8-14, 7-Day Dental Bench Course
ADEX exam course bench course licensure restorative endo perio prosthodontics

1-5 Days in Length Covering

  • Restorative (Anterior/Posterior) [First-2 Days]
  • Endodontics [3rd-Day]
  • Periodontal Scaling [3rd-Day]
  • Fixed Prosthodontics [Last-2 Days]

2024 Schedule

2025 Course Schedule

  • February 3-7, 2025
  • March 24-28, 2025
  • May 26-30, 2025

What our course participants day

If you are still not convinced and curious about what others have to say, read more reviews on Facebook.

Dr. Stevenson is honestly one of the greatest mentors I have ever come across. While other people told me to be good enough, he inspired me to aim for excellence. I learned so much in 7 days. I find it hard to believe the transformation I have been through. I loved his course so much that I even went back for another 3 days!

Without his guidance, I could not have cracked the toughest 8 hours bench exam at Southern Illinois University. A dream yesterday is a reality today. Thanks to you, Dr. S. I highly recommend this course to all dentists and students out there. I will definitely go back to him in the future to learn more. Lots of love to you and Savi!

Thank you Dr. Stevenson for arranging the WREB licensure course for us. It was extremely useful for us and we all passed WREB with a good score. At the completion of the course I felt confident of smoothly passing the WREB with highest score as during the course, my work was evaluated and also got advice on what to correct and how to correct to get a better score.
Thank you Savi for arranging and providing instruments on time and of course the food was delicious everyday; you saved our time for that so we could focus and give more time in the course.
Dr. Stevenson’s WREB licensure course has boosted my confidence that helped me get good score in WREB and has also improved my clinical skills which will be helpful in my future practice.
Thank you.

Dr. Stevenson is the real deal!! I took a live CE course to meet and learn from him, and I can confidently say, as a dentist, I am thankful to have him as a dental educator. He doesn’t push products like a lot of CE courses and is very pragmatic with his treatment philosophy. A brilliant man and logical in his approach to problem-solving that is a pleasure to experience, so I may become a skilled clinician like Dr. Stevenson. I wholly appreciate the great lessons learned from each Youtube video and live CE content he creates. Hopefully, more dentists can discover a true, as well as an inspiring educator like Dr. Stevenson.

The Stevenson Method

Dr. Stevenson’s approach uses a unique blend of lectures, Q & A sessions, clinical scenarios, live demonstrations, and critical exercises review, all designed to accelerate and dramatically shorten the learning curve. In other words, it takes you to a higher level of understanding and performance in the shortest amount of time. He has a true talent for transferring the correct information at the right time. He can see each learner as an individual and customize his approach accordingly. Great effort is required, but the results are imminent and long-lasting. Dr. Stevenson uses his often comical personal anecdotes to drive points home and create memory anchors for learners. Whether you are preparing for an entrance test, a licensing exam, or want to increase your private practice level, the Stevenson Method generates results! If you come as a novice, you’ll surely leave as an intermediate or higher. If you are committed to excellence, your journey towards mastery will be advanced while your knowledge deepens and broadens. We believe that if you join us for one course, you will desire more. Find out why the Stevenson Method has transformed dental education, one student at a time.

Ready for the Transformation?

Dr. Stevenson wants to help. Reach out to us by phone 310-868-1838, text 626.252.2207, WhatsApp, or email info@stevensondentalsolutions.com