If I’m the only person signed up, will you still conduct the course?
YES – we will always honor our commitment to teach a course, whether it has 1 student or 10 enrolled.  Sign up early, because we limit our courses to 10.

I noticed your courses cover a lot of topics – but I only need PFM and amalgam !
No problem.  Since we have small classes, we are able to customize your course experience and allow you to focus on the topics you want to cover.

I need Endo access instruction – how can I learn this while I’m at the course?
We have special tutors ready to provide you with personalized after hours instruction in Endo at affordable rates.

How can I get from the hotel to your learning center?
Uber, Lyft and Taxi service is easy to obtain in the greater Los Angeles area – most rides from the local hotels are less than 5 minutes.

I can only come for part of the course – do you offer pro-rated tuition fees?
YES – we can break down the course fee to match the days you are attending.

Can a group of my friends book Dr. Stevenson for a smaller session and have it customized to our needs and save on costs?
YES – Dr. Stevenson is busy, but will make the time when possible to teach your group at negotiated tuition rates.