2-Day Weekend Dental Workshops

Dentistry is constantly evolving, and competition is more fierce than ever.

As a practicing general dentist, Dr. Stevenson understands that being a dentist can be demanding and busy. Still, it is crucial to take the time to stay current with the latest advancements and refine our skills.

That’s why we have come up with a series of 2-Day workshops covering:

  1. Occlusion,
  2. All-Ceramic Crowns and Onlays,
  3. Direct Composite Onlays,
  4. Diastema closure,
  5. and Class IV Composites.

Dr. Stevenson uses a unique blend of lectures, Q & A sessions, clinical scenarios, live demonstrations, and critical exercises with mentored reviews, all designed to accelerate and dramatically shorten the learning curve.

All workshops are:

  • ADA/CERP (and hence AGD/PACE) approved
  • Focused on hands-on training and skills development
  • Practical and easy to implement
  • Weekends only
  • Veneer (Anterior Ceramics) Workshop Oct 21-22, 2023

    $2,000.00 Sale!
  • Faster and Better Ceramic Crown Workshop Sep 23-24, 2023

    $995.00 Sale!
  • Dental Clinical Occlusion Workshop Sep 16-17, 23

    $1,750.00 Sale!
  • Diastema & Class IV Composite Workshop Dec 16-17, 2023

    $1,500.00 Sale!
  • Direct Composite Onlay Workshop Nov 4-5, 2023

    $1,500.00 Sale!
  • Faster and Better Ceramic Crown Workshop Jun 8-9, 2024

    $995.00 Sale!
  • Dental Clinical Occlusion Workshop Apr 27-28, 2024

    $1,750.00 Sale!
  • Veneer (Anterior Ceramics) Workshop Feb 17-18, 2024

    $2,000.00 Sale!