Who we are

We are a boutique dental office practicing general dentistry. We perform all dental procedures specializing in the most challenging ones such as gold restorations, implants, and full mouth rehabilitations. IF you are willing to come in early, for certain procedures, it’s possible to deliver on the same day.  To get started, call 310-868-1838 to schedule a private consult with Dr. Stevenson.

Boutique Dental Office

  • Single chair master operatory
  • One patient at a time
  • Personalized care
  • Customized appointments

Challenging Procedures

  • Gold foil & conservative cast gold restorations
  • Implant mechanical rescue (broken screws, etc)
  • Full mouth rehabilitation (restored bite, improved chewing)
  • Deep cavities
  • Natural veneers and super-veneers

Same Day Dentistry

  • Laboratory on the premises
  • CAD/CAM ceramics and gold work
  • Most procedures completed within one day
  • Great for out of town clients

Paperless System

  • Online Paperless Patient Onboarding
  • Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management System
  • Digital Workflow for Clinical and Lab Technologies
  • Concierge-type Patient Communications and Appointments

State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Planmeca digital X-ray
  • Cone Bean Computerized Tomograms
  • Zeiss ProErgo 30x microscope
  • FormLabs 3B Printer
  • iTero Dingital Scanner
  • PrimeScan Digital Scanner
  • PrimeMill Milling Machine

Online Billing/Payment System

  • Streamlined Check-Out and Financial Arrangements
  • Online Patient Payment Interface
  • Contactless Payment Option