We offer a wide variety of webinars, both LIVE and RECORDED (for future reference).  Check out our topics and stay tuned for many more.  Don’t worry, if you miss a webinar, they are always available for you to review after the live event.  We use the webinar format for all of our on-line teaching as it allows power points, live demos, face to face interviews and live critiques – far better than other video conferencing modalities.

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  • Class II Composite Restorations
  • All-Ceramic Preparations
  • MOD Ceramic Onlay
  • Class II Amalgam Restoration
  • Posterior PFM Preparation
  • Anterior PFM Preparation
  • Hand Instrument Sharpening for Operative Dentistry

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT WEBINARS:  To sign up for a webinar, simply click on the name and reserve you spot through our easy to use interface.  After we have received your payment, we will send you a link to the webinar.  If you miss the webinar for any reason, there is no need to worry – we will provide you with a recording for no extra charge for reviewing.