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  • Preservation of your natural teeth
  • Use of the best possible materials
  • Restoration longevity

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Dental Master Gold Foil Inlays Veneers Esthetics Occlusion Airway Implants Dr. Stevenson
Gold Inlays Gold Foil Esthetic Dentistry Implants Occlusion TMJ CAD/CAM
Gold Inlays Gold Foil Esthetic Dentistry Implants Occlusion TMJ CAD/CAM

The Stevenson Method

The focus of your first visit with Dr. Stevenson is gathering information about your teeth, gum, chewing ability, and appearance. Dr. Stevenson spends two hours on new patient examinations and builds a complete record of your history and current findings. We use a digital scanner to capture the shape and position of your teeth in time for future reference or making dental models. We use super low-exposure digital x-rays in the critical areas and welcome your prior radiographs if they can avoid repeating x-ray exposure. Ultimately most patients want to know three things: What is wrong with my teeth? What are my options? And What does this mean to me? We develop a risk profile for your entire oral system and provide treatment options that not only eliminate or lessen your current disease but a treatment that targets to lower your risk for future disease.

We use the finest dental materials available in dentistry based on Dr. Stevenson’s extensive knowledge, research, and passion for using only the best. We never make materials decisions based on cost – if the science tells us that one material is better, we use it. We work with you to decide on the best restorative material for each situation – and many times, the apparent decision is, surprisingly, gold! You may wonder – why gold? Because when the implementation is proper, gold is most biocompatible and longest-lasting. As to implants, we would never use any system other than top-tier major implant companies with intramural research departments – cheap knock-offs have no place in our practice. Your health is our sole concern. We believe that true professionals dedicate their lives to the exceptional care of others. We never treat more than one patient at a time. We never rush; we treat you like family; we don’t sell you anything; we are transparent and provide complete disclosures. We want you to reach your health objectives. We stand by you in your oral health journey.

What our ‘dentist’ patients say

As a dentist, I would only trust Dr. Stevenson to perform esthetic procedures for me, and the resulting uncompromising excellence was delivered comfortably and professionally.

Dr. Stevenson’s treatment in the repair of my chipped front tooth has resulted in a beautiful outcome. It matches perfectly, and it was a comfortable process during his excellent care.

I have been learning and growing as a dentist under Dr. Stevenson for many years now and am incredibly grateful for the knowledge and skills he is able to share. His dedication to excellence in dentistry shows not only through his refined and functional restorations but also through his caring for patients. He beautifully merges esthetics, functionality, and longevity to deliver optimal patient care.”

I have practiced dentistry for 35 years and one of my mentors is Dr. Richard Stevenson.  His knowledge of both clinical and didactic dentistry is vast.

Dr. Stevenson is able to create the most natural, seamless dentistry I have seen. The function of each tooth is created not only with precision but with excellence.

Dr. Richard Stevenson is a world-class dentist with the utmost level of skill and expertise.  I know of few others with his foundation of knowledge and wisdom in the care of his patients.  His character is impeccable and he is genuinely a kind and supportive person to both students and patients.  I am fortunate to have been one of those taught by him and consider his friendship like a star in my life, always shining and bright.

If you are still not convinced and curious about what other patients have to say, read more.

Dental Inlays Onlays Gold Foil Veneers Implants Esthetics Best Dentist
Treatment Planning Dental Diagnosis Kois-Trained UCLA Professor Master Clinician
Best Dentistry Comprehensive Dental Treatment Esthetics Gold Inlays Gold Foil Implants Airway

Get to know Dr. Stevenson

Dr. Stevenson has over 35 years of clinical experience, but this is under-estimating his true knowledge. For 26 years, while treating patients at the UCLA Faculty Group Dental Practice, he also supervised over 450 students and residents each year in their clinical activities. This enormous responsibility provides him with extensive exposure with much more than could be encountered as a private practitioner. Furthermore, he mentors several hundred dentists internationally in restorative dentistry and maintains a comprehensive dentistry study club in Los Angeles, comprised of top clinicians whom he mentors. When one asks about their dentist, “Doctor, where would you go to get your dental work done, many dentists would answer, I’d see Dr. Richard Stevenson.” Dr. Stevenson often is called the dentists’ dentist because 50% of his patients are dentists or dental specialists and their family members.

Dr. Stevenson is one of the some-40 members of the Implant Mechanical Rescue team in the US. He utilizes a top-of-the-line Zeiss ProErgo 30x microscope to retrieve broken implant parts, and he makes new parts using his team’s machinists and engineers. There is ample support for his dentistry expertise by objective organizations. He has garnered numerous prestigious awards in his career such as the Academy of Operative Dentistry Award of Excellence, the Richard V. Tucker Award of Excellence, and the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators Clinician of the Year. Whether you need multiple veneers, gold inlays or foils, implants, a full mouth reconstruction, or even just a few well-placed fillings, Dr. Stevenson would be happy to help.

Dr. Stevenson is a recognized expert in several areas but perhaps the most noteworthy is his knowledge and abilities in the conservative cast and direct gold arena. Photos of his cases are used by dentists the world over for examples of fine gold dentistry. Chances are that if you Google “Gold Inlay” and if the image looks amazing – it’s from Dr. Stevenson! Becoming an expert with gold takes decades of hard work, focus, passion, and ability. Most dentists either do not know how to do gold work well or worse yet, they never received any training! It has often been said that if you can perform a gold foil or inlay well, you can do anything well in dentistry. After 35 years of dedication to this area of dentistry, it is clear that Dr. Stevenson has achieved the status of Master.

To complete your dental needs in the shortest possible time, Dr. Stevenson performs nearly all of the laboratory work in-house, using his expansive clinical knowledge applied in the laboratory. He fabricates all of our Gold Castings from scratch within hours, and can even deliver your dentistry on the same day the teeth are prepared. Dr. Stevenson also uses the latest digital technology to scan, design, and mill or print our final dental ceramic and nano-ceramic restorations. He uses intrinsic and extrinsic coloring and staining techniques to create natural-looking crowns and bridges and customizes your restorations chairside – while you wait. For our out-of-town patients who require rehabilitation, Dr. Stevenson’s staff will make arrangements for you to stay in one of our local hotels while the work is completed. Fly here on a Monday and fly home a few days later with your entire mouth completed – yes, this is available to you in most cases. We also have dental specialists on stand-by to treat endodontic, periodontal, oral surgery, and implant needs that require a team approach. With advanced scheduling, Dr. Stevenson can discretely complete major dental procedures for our high-profile International Clientele.

Dr. Stevenson has authored over 30 publications, three textbook chapters, and 27 teaching manuals. His passion for finding the best techniques through research has led him to establish the Stevenson Dental Solutions Clinical Research Team which is currently undertaking numerous projects to advance the scientific literature. When he is not taking care of patients or conducting research, Dr. Stevenson lectures internationally on advanced restorative techniques, presents webinars, and creates new teaching materials for YouTube, which is on target to reach 100,000 subscribers in 2021.

Dental Inlays Onlays Gold Foil Veneers Implants Esthetics Best Dentist
Dental Inlays Onlays Gold Foil Veneers Implants Esthetics Best Dentist
Dental Inlays Onlays Gold Foil Veneers Implants Esthetics Best Dentist

Get to Know Dr. Yadav

Focused  Ethical  Care

Dr. Yadav was handpicked by Dr. Stevenson out of hundreds of his residents to be a full time Clinical Associate at the Stevenson Dental Group after being extensively mentored by him in the broad discipline of Restorative Dentistry for over 7 years.  He has been actively involved in teaching alongside Dr. Stevenson where he was awarded Best Tutor because of his calm, personalized and effective approach. These are the same values he brings to patient care.

He is a graduate of the College of Dental Sciences at Manipal, consistently ranked as the best dental school in India.  Dr. Yadav has garnered many accolades, the most notable being representing India twice as a table clinician, once at the annual meeting of the American Dental Association in San Francisco and second at the GC Asia South East Asian Association for Dental Education meeting in Thailand.  He completed additional training in the rigorous Advanced Clinical Training Program in Restorative Dentistry at UCLA, where he graduated with honors.

Entering private practice, he has worked in a variety of clinical situations.  Having had over 10,000 patient visits in a relatively short amount of time has further matured his clinical techniques and expertise. Dr. Yadav has given table clinics and lectures both at domestic and international events.  He also serves as the Liaison for the Stevenson Clinical Study Club, an operating study club where clinicians pursue excellence in dentistry, a tradition that goes back to over a century. He is an active member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Tri-County Dental Association and the Academy of Operative Dentistry.

Dr. Yadav likes to spend his free time with his wife Danielle and dog Aries, exploring what life has to offer.  He is a hobbyist photographer and loves to cook Butter Chicken, his wife’s favorite dish!

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