These dental bur blocks & burs are our attempt here at Stevenson Dental Solutions to provide a clear and concise collection of burs separated by their use in various procedures. Each bur block set specializes in what material you will be working on and typically the location in which they will be used. These combinations of dental bur blocks and burs allow for a nice and neat method for containing your burs and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you’re grabbing the burs you need for your current dental procedure. We also carry some limited edition bur blocks that were updated and designed in 2020 by Dr. Stevenson in line with best practices and usage on licensure examinations.

  • SDS Bench Bur Block + Burs

    $165.00 Sale!
  • SDS Posterior Composites Bur Block + Burs

  • Anterior Composites Bur Block

    SDS Anterior Composites Bur Block + Burs

  • 2019 ASD Bench Bur Block

    SDS Bench Bur Block + Burs – Limited Edition

    $175.00 Sale!
  • Universal Bur Block

    SDS Universal Restorative Bur Block + Burs

    $180.00 Sale!
  • SDS Veneer Preparation Block + Burs

    $199.00 Sale!
  • Cast & Direct Gold Bur Block

    SDS Cast & Direct Gold Bur Block + Burs

    $149.95 Sale!
  • SDS Orthotic, Deprogrammer and Denture Adjustment Bur Block + Burs

    $249.50 Sale!