Our dental courses are 80% hands-on. Nowhere else in the world of dental CE courses will you find such a ratio. All of the didactic material is provided to you BEFORE the course starts. This allows you to become familiar with the topics and, most importantly, ready to dive into the hands-on projects. After watching Dr. Stevenson give a demo under a high-magnification, high-resolution camera, you will see what it takes to up your skills. Your progress will be monitored individually by Dr. Stevenson during the entire course. We are going to make you better – this is guaranteed.

  • Virtual Simulated Dental Exam Review – OSCE – Video

  • Class II Amalgam Dental Preparation Video

  • Dental RPD Design Video

  • FPD #3-#5 (FGC and PFM) Dental Preparation Video

  • Full Gold Crown Dental Preparation Video – Mandibular

  • Class II Composite Dental Preparation Video

  • PFM Dental Preparation Video – Maxillary Incisor

  • Dental Clinical Case Study & Review Video

  • 7 Techniques for Dental Bench Prep Video

  • Roadmap to US Dental License Video

  • Full Gold Crown Dental Preparation Video – Bundle

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  • Class II Amalgam Dental Restoration Video

  • Posterior Ceramic Dental Restoration Video

  • Veneer (Anterior Ceramics) Workshop Oct 21-22, 2023

  • Faster and Better Ceramic Crown Workshop Sep 23-24, 2023