2-Day/Weekend Courses: These are our most frequent dental CE hands-on courses for dentists. We often hold these classes throughout the weekend to avoid disturbing your work hours. These courses offer a quick refresher on various topics, such as surgical principles, working with ceramics and composites, occlusion, gold, and more. We have dates for these courses scattered throughout the year, so look at our upcoming session dates to learn more.

Restorative Courses: Restorative courses can run anywhere from two to five days and also act as a crash course in honing a particular dental skill. Our restorative courses often feature hands-on work and study in areas such as clinical occlusion, composite and ceramic restorations, and more. If you would like a slightly more in-depth plan of study without taking too much time away from your practice, our restorative courses are for you.

We offer an extensive two-year curriculum in Surgical Implant Dentistry, which involves live patient care and promises a substantial base of critical knowledge. The Surgical Implant Course is designed to train you to be proficient and confident in diagnosing, treatment planning, bone grafting, fixture placement, and restoration and maintenance of all implant cases, from single immediate placement to full-mouth rehabilitation. No other course of this intensity and depth exists in the world today.

Master Path Mini-Residency: Finally, for those dentists who are looking to upgrade their practice and professional skills, a long-term study program may be for you. Suppose you can’t choose between restorative courses or would like to be involved in all or multiple of our continuing education courses. In that case, a mini-residency is a great way to attend them all at a value. Our mini-residencies combine our short-form courses and restorative courses into one overarching lesson plan, which allows you to learn and perfect a wide range of all our topics.

If you’re interested in signing up or learning more about our dental CE courses, contact Stevenson Dental Education today. We can help recommend the perfect session for you or answer any questions you might have.

  • Faster and Better Ceramic Crown Workshop Dec 17-18, 2022

  • Dental Implant Connections Dec 10-11, 2022

  • Dental Clinical Occlusion: Diagnostic Diamond Feb 18-19, 23

    $1,500.00 Sale!
  • Dental Gold Restorations: Cast and Foil – Apr 28 and 30, 23

    From: $2,800.00
  • Anterior (Dental Veneer) & Posterior Ceramics Jan 11-15, 23

    $4,000.00 Sale!
  • Dental Gold Restorations: Laboratory Technique Apr 29, 23

  • Dental Soft Tissue Grafting Jun 10-11, 2023

  • Dental Implant Surgery Mini-Residency Continuum Session

  • Anterior & Posterior Dental Composite Mastery Nov 3-5, 23

    $2,500.00 Sale!
  • Dental Bone Grafting Part 1 Feb 11-12, 2023

  • Dental Restorative Mini-Residency

    $13,150.00 Sale!
  • Digital Implant Dentistry Aug 12-13, 2023

  • Complications in Implant Dentistry Oct 14-15, 2023

  • Comprehensive Dental Case Management Dec 9-10, 2023

  • Dental Bone Grafting Part 2 Apr 15-16, 2023