Class II Amalgam Restoration Polishing


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In this information packed webinar, Dr. Stevenson covers the essentials of Polishing the Class II Amalgam Restoration. This 22-minute video recording is filled with great insights, videos, and covers the following insights (Note: placing the amalgam is NOT covered in the video):

  1. Armamentaria for polishing
  2. Occlusal analysis
  3. Step by step technique

This Amalgam Restoration Polishing approach was created by Dr. Stevenson over a 30 year period to help students master critical aspects of this very challenging procedure.  In this video session, Dr. Stevenson takes you through the steps required to help you perform better the very next time you polish an amalgam!  A link will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment.  If paying with a PayPal account that is under a different email, please kindly indicate so in the instruction section.