OptiBond FL – Filled Light-Cure Bonding Agent Unidose Pouches


OptiBond FL Bonding Agent
Unidose pouch

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OptiBond FL (Kerr) total-etch (4th generation) filled bonding agent in a unidose pouch.  Grip the Unidose capsule by the wings and twist until the seal is broken. DIscard section with the stem. Dip the applicator into the capsule.  Apply after etching and rinsing with brushing motion for 15 seconds. Air dry for 5 seconds.  Using the same applicator, apply adhesive (black capsule) with light brushing motion for 15 seconds.  Air thin for 3 seconds. LIght cure for 20 seconds.  The Surface is ready for composite placement.


NOTE: NOT sold for use on patients – ONLY use on extracted teeth or typodont teeth.