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  • Refining bur after 330 for amalgam/composite preps to maintain convergency, smooth pulpal, and vertical walls with 2 mm.

    RGS330 Dental Carbide Bur

    Original price was: $5.60.Current price is: $4.25. Sale!
  • Dental diamond bur for preparing class II composite boxes and the caries plastic teeth used on the ADEX/CDCA exams.

    1169D Dental Diamond Bur

  • Dental diamond bur for establishing depth and convergency with class II/III composites and removing old restorative materials.

    330D Dental Diamond Bur

  • Dental burs selected by Dr. Stevenson for preparing carious teeth on the licensure exam. The diamond burs allow easy entry through the hard shell w/o chipping.

    Dental Licensure Caries Teeth Operative Bur Set V2.0

    Original price was: $37.85.Current price is: $35.00. Sale!