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  • Dental diamond bur tapered round end fine grit extra-thin for breaking proximal contact on crown preparations and conservative veneers.

    8850-012 Brasseler Dental Diamond Bur

  • Dental diamond bur needle tapered round end medium grit extra-thin for breaking proximal contact for all crown preparations. Creates 0.15 mm fillet finish line.

    859-010 Brasseler Dental Diamond Bur

  • Dr. Stevenson’s ultimate dental bur set for preparing ideal All-Ceramic Veneer preparations in both the anterior and posterior by Brasseler.

    Stevenson Veneer Preparation Block + Burs

    $209.00 Sale!
  • Designed by Dr. Stevenson this dental bur kit includes 20 burs for FGC, PFM, All-Ceramic Crown, Ceramic Onlay, and Class II Amalgam/Composite preparations.

    Stevenson Dental Bench Bur Block + Burs

    $170.00 Sale!