What our patients say

I am the patient that all dental/medical providers dread. I bring the researched “what if and what about” questions. I have one body and I want the best for myself. Dr. Richard Stevenson’s attention to detail and quality of care was impressive and reassuring. Have you ever seen a dentist use a medical microscope during treatment? I can now say I have! The rubber dam technique used in his office was amazing – placed quickly and kept me from that “drowning feeling.” The comfort I experienced during a dental treatment was surprising.

Thank you Dr. Stevenson for a level of care I did not know existed prior to coming to you.

Dr. Stevenson made it possible for me to enjoy my food & eat without worrying about my teeth. He did a perfect job with my molars using gold instead of porcelain or silver. I am so thankful to him for his dedication, skill and all his hard work.”

Mom, your teeth are moving and falling out! If you keep on this current track, you will have no teeth and possibly health problems.

Said my daughter and recent dental graduate after her first examination of my teeth.

I responded defensively, that I had regularly been seeing a periodontist, orthodontist, and hygienist (cleaning my teeth quarterly).  She explained that these specialists had been responding to my emergencies (broken crowns, implants, abscesses, braces twice, etc.) and that I needed a coordinated plan. She referred me to Dr. Richard G. Stevenson, a Restorative Dentistry expert.

He is as good as it gets!

Commented by other dental specialists when I asked about Dr. Stevenson.  They further said that Dr. Stevenson is a pioneer in dentistry, often a guest lecturer across the U.S. and around the world, and teaches dentists at continuing education classes.

I found Dr. Stevenson to be very kind and patient. He listened to my dental anxiety and fears. He examined my x-rays and each remaining tooth. Subsequently, Dr. Stevenson provided me with several plans and explained the purpose of each plan (timing, structurally, and financially).

It has been over a year. My teeth and smile look beautiful and my bite is stable. I can see and feel the goal.

I drive from Orange County, California to Dr. Stevenson.  He has been well worth the drive and investment in my teeth and general health. Dr. Stevenson does not overbook.  He has never rushed my appointments.  Dr. Stevenson and his staff are exemplary. I confidently recommend Dr. Richard G. Stevenson.

While I was getting my teeth straightened, one tooth broke on me. My then-dentist suggested a bridge as the solution. However, the adjacent tooth, which was by the way perfectly healthy, needed to be extracted. As innocent as I was, I went along with the treatment plan.

The bridge was in my lower back. I couldn’t see it when I smiled. It did not bother me much besides funny chewing. Until one day, I noticed an unpleasant smell coming from it. As I paid more attention, it was unstable. I raised my concerns with my then-dentist. He told me to floss daily, use mouthwash, and don’t laser-focus on it. His answers prompted me to seek a second opinion.

I found Dr. Stevenson through a friend’s referral. The first appointment was nearly two and half hours. Dr. Stevenson took his time to examine every tooth and asked me questions that I never thought were relevant to my oral health and overall wellbeing. I learned the chewing problem that I endured would have a negative impact rather than just a nuisance. I decided to entrust Dr. Stevenson to reconstruct my dental restoration.

Ever since I have had the problematic bridge removed, implants done, bite fixed. I can chew properly now and finally enjoy food again for the first time in five years. Dr. Stevenson is expensive but worth every penny. I am forever grateful for Dr. Stevenson.

I have practiced dentistry for 35 years and one of my mentors is Dr. Richard Stevenson.  His knowledge of both clinical and didactic dentistry is vast.

Dr. Stevenson is able to create the most natural, seamless dentistry I have seen. The function of each tooth is created not only with precision but with excellence.

As a dentist, I would only trust Dr. Stevenson to perform esthetic procedures for me, and the resulting uncompromising excellence was delivered comfortably and professionally.

Dr. Stevenson’s treatment in the repair of my chipped front tooth has resulted in a beautiful outcome. It matches perfectly, and it was a comfortable process during his excellent care.

I have been learning and growing as a dentist under Dr. Stevenson for many years now and am incredibly grateful for the knowledge and skills he is able to share. His dedication to excellence in dentistry shows not only through his refined and functional restorations but also through his caring for patients. He beautifully merges esthetics, functionality, and longevity to deliver optimal patient care.”

What our students say

I am a foreign-trained dentist from India who graduated from dental school in 2011. I started my training under Dr. Stevenson in 2015 at UCLA school of dentistry. Dr. Stevenson, who was the program director at the time, has been a great influence on my dental journey. His passion for teaching and explaining difficult topics of dentistry was vital in my growth as a dental practitioner. Dr. Stevenson is always very approachable and goes in-depth to explain any queries/ topics. Dr. Stevenson is an amazing clinician as well and I was able to learn many techniques and mannerisms from him in dental clinics. I believe once you get trained under Dr. Stevenson, you will always try to do excellent dental treatments for your patients. In my practice, I get numerous praises for my work and ethics and that credit should go to Dr. Stevenson in my opinion. For me, he is truly a mentor who played an immense role in my training and it was a great honor to get trained under him.

What our study club members say

Dr. Richard Stevenson is a world-class dentist with the utmost level of skill and expertise.  I know of few others with his foundation of knowledge and wisdom in the care of his patients.  His character is impeccable and he is genuinely a kind and supportive person to both students and patients.  I am fortunate to have been one of those taught by him and consider his friendship like a star in my life, always shining and bright.