Why Gold?

More Conservative

Since gold is so strong, it remains anatomically stable and durable over time, hence it may be made thinner than other materials – this means that less tooth structure is removed.  In comparison, when ceramic is used, a tooth usually requires twice the reduction compared to gold.

Longest Lasting

Gold supports the enamel and maintains a long-term seal with your tooth structure. It also has a coefficient of thermal expansion which is identical to your tooth structure, allowing it to expand and contract in concert with your tooth. This approach produces minimal destructive stresses on your tooth and allows the natural strength and resiliency of your enamel-dentin complex to remain unaffected. Gold has a hardness that is similar slightly less than enamel, which allows it to adapt to incremental changes in your bite over time without fracture.  The highly dense and polished surface of gold does not harbor cavity-producing bacteria, and it may be easily repolished.  Gold does not discolor teeth, nor does it chip, corrode or shrink like other materials. The gold standard in dentistry is – gold!

Completely Biocompatible

High purity Cast Gold Alloy and Pure Gold Foil are completely biocompatible materials that will not produce allergic reactions and negative tissue or systemic responses.

For Cast Gold Inlays, Onlays, and Partial Coverage Restorations: We use a very sophisticated alloy (JRVT-PF, Jensen Industries) that contains: 77% gold, 13% silver, 8.5% copper, 1% Platinum, and trace amounts of  Iridium, Indium, and Zinc – it is regarded by clinicians worldwide to be the finest gold alloy ever crafted for precision castings.

For Gold Fillings (Class I, II, III, V, and VI types): We use pure gold foil which is made from .9999 pure gold and rolled into extremely thin sheets.  This foil is placed into your tooth in dozens of thin layers and cold-welded into a solid mass via light malleting to create a retentive and perfectly sealed interface with the tooth.

Bacteria cannot easily penetrate the seal created by cast gold and gold foil when delivered under optimal conditions.  Safe and effective, gold is the preferred choice for your dental and systemic health.