When it comes to dental supplies, if you

  • Want small quantities
  • Desire a wide range of products in one place
  • Need them urgently
  • Require expert/shipping support
  • Look for authentic Dr. Stevensen’s inventions
  • Wish to upgrade your techniques
  • Appreciate well-organized, systems-based kits

Stevenson Dental Solutions offers hard-to-find supplies and intelligently designed kits for your dental practice. Visit our online store by hovering over the store link on the top menu. The PayPal 4-installment interest-free plan is available to ease the impact on your cash flow.  To reach us: text 626-485-3895, WhatsApp, or email shipping@stevensondentalsolutions.com.

  • 330RGS Carbide Bur

    $4.25 Sale!
  • 330D Diamond Bur

  • 555D

    555D Diamond Bur

  • KS-0 Diamond Bur

  • KS-0F Diamond Bur

  • RGS 1-2

    $65.00 Sale!
  • 1169D

    1169D Diamond Bur

  • Jiffy Cup – Green

    $4.58 Sale!
  • Class II Prep – Bur Set (5 burs)

    $13.75 Sale!
  • NODAT Damage Prevention Kit

    $21.00 Sale!
  • SDS Bench Bur Block + Burs

    $165.00 Sale!
  • Typodont Preparation Cleaner – SDS “Secret Sauce”

  • RGS 3-4

    $65.00 Sale!
  • Bench Prep - RGS set

    RGS Bench Prep Must Have

    $288.99 Sale!
  • Licensure Polishing Kit for Composite

    Licensure Polishing Kit for Composite (ADEX, WREB)

  • OptiDiscs – Refill Kit

  • Special (SDS) Wax Penetrating Irrigating Solution, 25 ML

  • Licensure Endo Kit – WREB Super Set V2.0

    $374.93 Sale!

Why we are simply better…

Whether you are in private practice, taking a licensing exam, or preparing to enter an advanced standing program, Dr. Stevenson has assembled a wide array of products to help you achieve your goals. With over 35 years in dental practice and education, he has found the best products available in small quantities and assembled them into kits to lessen the pain of finding the ideal stuff to make things happen for you. Our store features unique dental instruments for calibration, cavity preparation, and restoration, including several items invented by Dr. Stevenson. We only carry products of high quality which last long and deliver the results you expect from excellence-oriented armamentaria. Our bur kits are used by thousands of dentists internationally because they provide you with a system for consistent results. The RGS 1-2 and 3-4 calibration instruments have helped many thousands of aspiring dental professionals to achieve better results efficiently. The newly designed PM18D and M17D rubber dam clamps have fulfilled a niche within the rubber dam world that previously left rubber dam dentists with little or no options. We are a solutions-based company and continue innovating and assembling the finest dental supplies and products to enhance your success. Take a look and see why SDS has created a significant disruption in the dental marketplace!