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  • Secret weapon for dental students, invented by Dr. Stevenson (RGS), to ace their dental practical exams on amalgam and composite preps. Buy in bulk, saving big.

    Dental Carbide Bur RGS330 10-Pack

    $40.99 Sale!
  • Dental carbide bur for preparing the occlusal outline in class II amalgam and composite restorations.

    330 Dental Carbide Bur

  • Stevenson Dental Bur Set for Class II Preparations V2.0

    $16.50 Sale!
  • Refining bur after 330 for amalgam/composite preps to maintain convergency, smooth pulpal, and vertical walls with 2 mm.

    RGS330 Dental Carbide Bur

    $4.25 Sale!