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  • Refining bur after 330 for amalgam/composite preps to maintain convergency, smooth pulpal, and vertical walls with 2 mm.

    RGS330 Dental Carbide Bur

    $4.25 Sale!
  • Dental carbide bur for preparing the occlusal outline in class II amalgam and composite restorations.

    330 Dental Carbide Bur

  • Stevenson Dental Bur Set for Class II Preparations V2.0

    $16.50 Sale!
  • Secret weapon for dental students, invented by Dr. Stevenson (RGS), to ace their dental practical exams on amalgam and composite preps. Buy in bulk, saving big.

    Dental Carbide Bur RGS330 5-Pack

    $20.99 Sale!