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  • Dental diamond bur tapered flat end medium grit which is great for preparing shoulder finish lines for PFMs which require butt joint facial margins.

    847KR-016 Brasseler Dental Diamond Bur

  • Dental Diamond Bur LIFE EXTENDER! Clean your dental diamond burs in seconds and extend their usefulness by double

    Brasseler Dental Diamond Bur Cleaning Stone

    $14.75 Sale!
  • The BEST All-Ceramic Crown dental diamond bur duo with the optional dental diamond bur cleaning stone purchase option. Buy in bulk and save big!

    KS-0 & KS-0F Brasseler Dental Diamond Bur Saving Pack

    $124.99 Sale!
  • Dental diamond bur parallel round end fine grit for refining incisal, occlusal and axial walls for all-ceramic crown preparations.

    KS-0F Brasseler Round-End Parallel Dental Diamond Bur